Have a look at a sample of starters, salads, plain dishes and desserts which I prepared for my guests in springtime of the year 2004

carciofi e rucola     arrance e ulive   Linsensalat

Salad of carciofi, buffalo-mozzarella           Oranges and olives                                Salad of lentils
and rucola

   salat mit zucc und rahnen    salat mit primeln    salat mit tomaten und zucchini   

Salad with wild herbs, red rapes  and     Salad of Radicchio, wild herbs ,                 Salad of endivia, tomatoes and zucchini
 zucchini                                             raddish and fiori di primula                                
bratlinge und kaesesoufflee       pizza      grill   

Baked vegetarian dumplings and               Pizza                                                     Lamb chops and sausages

birnen in Rotwein      arrance al forno       macedonia calda

Pears in red wine                                   Baked oranges                                          hot fruit salad

bresaola und rucola      salat mit orangen         sphaghetti mit kraeutern

Bresaola upon rucola                              Salad of endivia with oranges                    Spaghetti with aromatic herbs and sheep cheese

This is only a small sample of all I would like to offer you, if you come to see me. I might also explain you my recipies.